Saturday, July 11, 2009

The one i met in the depth of my heart..!

I sat at my window during night,
i peeped out and saw stars shining bright.
when i profoundly looked at them,
i saw there a star..solitary and dim!
Gazing that star..i started thinking,
why isn't that star.....shining n blinking.
why is that star so alone..and sad,
myriad questions in my mind i had.
contemplating that star....
in the depth of my heart....
i met someone melancholy n alone,
i went a bit nearer...i heard a moan.
the person there was weeping,
didn't get what was that soul seeking.
the star i saw came in my mind,
i thought this prsn is of same kind.
away from the shining world...
both of them gloomy and solitary....
there might be some desperation..
to them nothing seemed merry..
i got a little idea about that person,
but i didn't see that face.
wanted to know who is there,
i wanted to end up the chase.
so i went closer and closer.....
that face..
i was able to see.....
i was still,i ws shocked..
it ws no one ws me!

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