Sunday, December 6, 2009

Silent moments...

Along with the wave of time, moments pass..
But still somehow their memories last..
In these moments I wanted to speak something
But don't know why..
My lips don't go with heart..!
Just like every wave of the sea,
Comes to speak to the beautiful shore..
But without uttering a single word..
It goes back in silent mode..!
Yet these silent moments,
even in silence express in a way so wise.
spoken-unspoken words,
come out through silent eyes..!
These silent moments,
leave their imprint on the sands of time..
Slowly - slowly marks will vanish..
But memories in heart,
will remain forever alive...!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The forgotten guitar..

These guitar tones
singing in the air..
With all the tunes
of moonless nights..
They bring me despair..
I remember..
I've heard them before..
they once brought me smiles..
Now whenever I listen to them,..
my heart worries..
soul cries..!
These guitar tones,
they make me mourn..
On the days..
that are all done..
With only memories ..
to carry on...!