Saturday, July 11, 2009

The one i met in the depth of my heart..!

I sat at my window during night,
i peeped out and saw stars shining bright.
when i profoundly looked at them,
i saw there a star..solitary and dim!
Gazing that star..i started thinking,
why isn't that star.....shining n blinking.
why is that star so alone..and sad,
myriad questions in my mind i had.
contemplating that star....
in the depth of my heart....
i met someone melancholy n alone,
i went a bit nearer...i heard a moan.
the person there was weeping,
didn't get what was that soul seeking.
the star i saw came in my mind,
i thought this prsn is of same kind.
away from the shining world...
both of them gloomy and solitary....
there might be some desperation..
to them nothing seemed merry..
i got a little idea about that person,
but i didn't see that face.
wanted to know who is there,
i wanted to end up the chase.
so i went closer and closer.....
that face..
i was able to see.....
i was still,i ws shocked..
it ws no one ws me!

Hiding Tears...

i said...i am hurt
you nevr asked why..?
u saw me crying..
but you jus passed by..!
i don't understand
why your love makes me feel dis way
whenever i hear your voice
to hide my tears..i walk away.
you call my name,
i slowly retreat..
you walk towards me...
my heart starts to beat...
faster...and faster..
wid each step you take,
my pain grows larger...
because i knw...
things will never be d same again....!

The Lost Beauty...

glancing at tear..a glisten in eyes,
to where ocean embraces the infinite skies..
n thinking if love can reach far to sunset's line,
will true hearts ever find happiness divine..

promises often seem like butterflies,
they fly away and gradually die..
with a promise to each other they wait,
will those two hearts ever meet by fate?

masking their agony with smile and love,
searching for lost beauty blessed from above.
at times tears out of pain will fall ,
but those two hearts will overcome all...

facing the hardships n waiting for the day,
when they'll find something good on way.
many weird things going on in mind,
the lost beauty..will true hearts ever find??

though heart is shattered and soul is weak
but for passion's sake they will seek.
to complete love's quest despite of all odds
true hearts will finally be entwined by God!

Simply wrong...!

wait..i cannot find words...
does anybody understand?
does anybody care..?
old storyteller always lied..
"happily ever after"...
it was never real..never existed...
just a false thought inside my mind!
but wait..!
how can i go on without you?
breathe..walk..or feel..
u still care for me..i thought!
but may be...
i was simply wrong...!