Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Lost Beauty...

glancing at tear..a glisten in eyes,
to where ocean embraces the infinite skies..
n thinking if love can reach far to sunset's line,
will true hearts ever find happiness divine..

promises often seem like butterflies,
they fly away and gradually die..
with a promise to each other they wait,
will those two hearts ever meet by fate?

masking their agony with smile and love,
searching for lost beauty blessed from above.
at times tears out of pain will fall ,
but those two hearts will overcome all...

facing the hardships n waiting for the day,
when they'll find something good on way.
many weird things going on in mind,
the lost beauty..will true hearts ever find??

though heart is shattered and soul is weak
but for passion's sake they will seek.
to complete love's quest despite of all odds
true hearts will finally be entwined by God!

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