Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heart filled with a new emotion.."REGRET".

Slamming the door loudly behind her..she falls on her knees ,begging her heart to stop aching.She knows tat its the time to let it go...she deserves so much better than what he gave.Still she is not able to forget.Actually her heart never permits her to do so. His voice still give her butterflies,even more than before.She remembers ...when they fell in love with each other.May be she took him for granted.Always focusing on the past,not taking the things the way she should have.She feels a new emotion ...REGRET!!!!!!
She'll kiss his picture and bid it goodnight before tucking it underneath her pillow - wrapped up in a faded black aeropostale hoodie.She inhales deep enough,the smell from that hoodie fills her senses with furtive happiness....All his favorite songs are in her play list,playing all through the night. Some make her smile while some bring tears.What she misses the most and what hurts her the most is his voice that she could listen even when he remained silent..The voice that melted her heart....
Now that voice is heard in her dreams..she misses their talks,those special moments,the blushing smile that came on his face at the mention of her name or whenever he looked at her.
Hope,love,despair are the only emotions that shine in young girl's eyes.They both were once friends in love,unbreakable,inseparable...Just 2 innocent kids so deep in love. Even in the crowd they had eyes on each other.So beautiful days they were.But now things are not the same.
That young girl cries tonight.Right after kissing his years old picture, she decides to listen to an old voice mail and then silently goes to sleep...........


  1. sam u simply rocked in this story i just love dis one wenever i read it no matter hw many times i hav read it already it alwas touches my heart...................

  2. dis one is truly practical
    ol da emotions in dis story somewhat have a true sense
    it feels great to read it
    n olso dis piece of write gt da effect of producing sensation in neone's heart
    i'll call it damn SENSATIONAL
    gr8 one