Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dream and reality...

I dreamt that I was sitting
by my beloved's side,
Filling my eyes with unmatched beauty..
Alas! I could not sleep forever,
Waking up I wished..
My dream would have been reality.
Just the next day..
by the slip of fate,we parted.
My heart's agony let out a silent scream
My soul also cried aloud..
everything was unfair it seemed..
I wished ,the reality
would have been just a dream....!


  1. beautifully written!! *sigh* how life would be amazing if all our dreams were reality and the harsh reality into just scary nightmares that we can wake up from...

  2. @ komal
    @ zephyr
    thnk u so much..
    @ richa
    thnks dear..!