Monday, August 31, 2009



Not even a day goes by when I don't think of you. You seem to spring out of nowhere into my imagination, even if I am happy or sad. Why did I fall in love with you? I do not know. I am just not able to fall out of it. It was September and I met you online ,you were different I could tell. It started with a few chats and some weeks later I discovered that I cannot stop thinking about you . I tried to read a book and there you were staring me on every page. I stayed up all night and wrote for you..poems..stories and what not.You became an integral part of my life.I remember you were the first person who took my tears in the palm of your hand and said,"Please don't cry, you are wasting a million..every time you shed these precious tears". Funny..i never thought that you would be the person who would give me only tears for the rest of my life.
Then the day came when you needed to leave the city for your better future.You said,"Don't worry..we'll be in touch". Your calls and letters came regularly, but then they stopped coming. It took you only six months.I was heart broken. Unlike you, I gave you everything I had.I tried to contact you many times..but you never replied to my letters.
Since that day I have been running from myself. I never found "ME" again.I recollect all those memories and tears fall from my eyes. But this time you are not there to hold them and say those words again. I still miss you, I still love you .The only difference is ,I don't love the man you are now. The real "YOU" is still with me .The "YOU" I loved exists no more in reality but only in my imagination. You know what, this "YOU" will be the same forever, he will never change as my feelings don't tend to change. You are not the man I loved.Strange isn't it? I am too not the girl you met long back. I never smiled wholeheartedly since 2 years 8 months 30 days 4 hours and 9 minutes....:(

P.S.-Its just a write..None of this happened..!


  1. This is just too heart breaking. Sometimes I don't know as to why we go through such things. Sometimes its hard to find the reason behind everything when we are too busy putting the pieces of our hearts together. But the fact is that once it breaks, its never the same.

    Time heals a lot of wounds. You will rise again. Yes you will never forget about him but slowly you will put this behind you and become a stronger person and eventually move on.

    I can't exactly know as to what you must be going through because I am not you but what I can say forsure is that it didn't happen because there is something way better in store for you.

    And as life unfolds, you will come across that "something better".


  2. @ jal pari,
    thanks a lot fr your words..!
    bt dear,its just a piece of write..just my imagination..nothing else..!


  3. Phew.. silly me.. got carried away :)

  4. Beautiful awesome am I seeing a Nicholas Spark In making

  5. there is so much pain in your writes..!
    dis one was awsum..made me cry..!

  6. awesome yaar u should get a award for this
    from me the best literature award goes to u only

  7. damn u........girl u scared me....& u scared me to the bottom of my heart, thinking this world has missed another pure heart of a female which could have let a man taste the joy of true happiness of the company of a very loving & honest partner & hence the feeling of being complete, just bcoz a silly teenager boy got indulged with her.....but thanx...nothing such has happened...i hope i've conveyed the appreciation to the poet in u....