Friday, April 2, 2010

Her unspoken love.....

Wet eyes, sad face...its the reflection of my wounded soul. I want to break free...want to forget all those moments..all those memories..that torture me. When you went away from me few months back, a little bit of me died. I always knew that you would never be the same and things would get worst one day. But I never knew..that day would come so soon.. I spelled out the truth what you really feel for me. I was hurt..deeply hurt.

Why did you do this to me..? My life changed at that very moment you left. I find myself on bended knees..yelling "WHY".. Even at your worst I was there for you. I believed all your lies,that others usually made fun of. Unlike you, I gave you everything I had. What more did u want? What was my mistake..? Why did you leave me..? Myriad questions are yet to be answered.

I tried a lot to convince myself that I don't want you anymore...but i failed miserably. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to mature and is growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems as if you have the become the fiber of my soul..the very reason for my existence. I wish i would have told you more about it.

I miss the way you looked at me, the way you talked, the way you smiled, the way you walked..I miss everything about you. Whenever I struggle to forget all this, a small tear trickles down my cheek...making me realize that forgetting you is something impossible. The reality that you never cared for me didn't fade away from my sight. I still go back to those days of past. Thinking about you brings peace and calmness with the thoughts of what things would have been if you were here. Months have passed and you are still on my mind. Its true..sometimes love just isn't enough.



  1. Thats so sad Saumya !!! I am sure this was meant for someone very very special , who is very much fact in your heart ..It pains when the one whom you love , which you gave everything you had , trusting them despite their lies and all , and when they leave us , they kill a part of us ...A part of us dies .which they never get to know ...Your post reminded me of someone very special ...Very touching post I must say !!

  2. thnx u so much fr yr comment..!!
    bt dear, its nothing related to my life..!

  3. hey...dat was rely touching sam....i felt rely emotional...a rely gr8 1..!! :)

  4. Really Touching, great way to portray the feelings. It's really tough to be in such situation and who better than me can now but must say very well written..Keep going


  5. lovely post sweetie..!
    i simply loved it ..!

  6. Well I dont kno if i shud praise yo post or wat...nonetheless its very well written. Ppl love each other. At tat point of time everythin is for granted. Happiness too is fo granted. The reason fo tat happiness is the love tat is in the air. But seasons change and keep changing. Yo lose the loved ones fo some reason or the other. sometimes its hard to comprehend reasons(questions). But sometimes in life yo ve no absolute answers. so wats the point in searchin fo them??
    all i wanna say is tat.... time is a steam... it ll take yo places.... hang on to yo raft....

  7. very well written and sad....dont know u manage to be in these difficult situations....and that too,,,,,deliberately.....hats off....

  8. It is said that wounds never really heal. We have learn how to live with it.

    In time, the lady in your post would learn to balance the pain and the realities in life. After all, despite difficulties, we still must go on.

    Hope you do not mind, I will take to liberty of being your follower.

  9. Very beautifully compiled. But you must know that what you have written is actually reality for a lot of people out there. I don't know what got into your head to spit it out, but nice work.

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  11. Nicely written ! pain is always more deeply felt...but here's something for you I read from this blog

    "There is something so fulfilling about pain. A kind of fulfillment that joy could never provide."