Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love letter..!

Before i met u ,i didn't have any clue tat what love was all about. Tat time i just thought of myself. But when you came in my life,u turned my whole world. i truly found out what love is...its Such a beautiful thing. Food lost its flavor, whole world seemed hazy and i didn't even remember what was going on around me..the only thing that mattered was you. Your smile made me realize that everything is OK in this world..n i just started thinking this world is not less than any heaven...
I never told you about all this..but i guess you knew..!

When you left..i just couldn't control my tears..tat was the worst feeling..I felt like I am no more alive and thought of ripping my heart out of my chest, hoping n praying tat if i did so,it wouldn't hurt me as it did before.Losing someone you love is the worst feeling and it even brings worst to you!
I tried to convince myself ..I don't want you anymore.
But I just couldn't let u go away from my heart,mind n soul..

the hardest thing in life,
is watching your love fade away
your heart wants to speak a lot..
but now there is no chance to say..!

I want this story to end because I'm living to die and dying to live, but it won't mean anything to me, until n unless I have you. I felt so good when I was with you.u made me feel tat this world is really a beautiful place. Love felt like heaven earlier; and now when you're gone its hurting like hell.

The hardest thing to see,
is the one you loved..sets you free.
you're smiling ..but your heart says,
please don't do this to me..!

I miss you so much.I know its too late now and I've lost you forever -- but dear,you didn't lose my love because i loved you ever since the day i met you and I'll never forget you, because to me, you are the WORLD...!

those were the best days of my life...

-saumya shrivastava!


  1. hey.. nice one.. really touching.. do visit my page too.. i think i knw u.. u frm st.pauls na? m vedshree frm kv5.. m sendin u a frn req.. do add meh..! tc n keep writing gal..

  2. hey thnx for joining ma site.. but i'll feel good if u'll read ma works n put up ur comments..! n yeah,.. i loved dis post.. fr me itz best among ol !

  3. i'll surely do that dear..!
    n thnx a lot..m glad u liked it..!

  4. its damn gud..
    so i m seeing a upcoming writer in saumya...!
    i knw tat 1 day whole world will be fan of yours...!
    luv u..!

  5. hey saumya itz realli guh ..heart touchin..juz luv dixz post...future writer..awsum wrk.keep it up.!

  6. amazing yaar
    hats off to u 4 dis